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Example Intranet & Extranet Websites

Below are examples of Intranet and Extranet websites that ITRegister has recently completed.  In the interests of maintaining our customers privacy we request that you do not contact them directly to discuss these sites.  We will be happy to provide references and contacts if requested.

Please note some of these sites are still under development and therefore may be subject to change.

Required FieldThumbnail
Alfred Felton Research Program ExtranetThumbnail
Bill Lang International IntranetThumbnail
Centre for Excellence in Child & Family WelfarePublic website and Intranet built using SharePoint with a customised template style and menu structure designed and developed by ITRegister
Classic Car Club RegisterThumbnail
CWAV & AFRP (Melbourne University) Research ExtranetThumbnail
Elite Customer Solutions IntranetThumbnail
Knowledge Community ExtranetThumbnail
Knowledge Exchange ExtranetThumbnail
Matthews Australasia IntranetThumbnail
Options Victoria IntranetThumbnail
Scientific Fire Services IntranetThumbnail
Tenants Union of Victoria IntranetThumbnail
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