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Welcome to the Virtual Office Demonstration Site


This site has been setup to show how we have used SharePoint to create virtual office environments for our clients.  These environments are ideal for companies or indiviuals who:


·          Don't want the headaches associated with setting up and maintaining their own office file, email or web servers.


·          Want to be able to access documents and other information from anywhere they have an Internet connection.


·          Need to share information with colleagues or business partners in secure environment.


·          Need to ensure their information is always backed up and secure.


The basic “out of the box” solution we can provide is similar to this demonstration page where there is a shared document library, a calendar to plan and manage events, contacts list, project tasks, discussion board, and links to other Web resources (see the menu on the left).  The layout of this page, the left menu, top menu, colours etc, are all fully customisable.


We can also extend a virtual office website to provide additional functionality such as: 


·          Multiple document libraries. 


·          Other lists of information & data (e.g. sales orders, sales pipeline, management tasks, etc).


·          Links to existing databases.


·          Announcements.


·          Separate sub-sites which business partners, customers or the general public only have access to.


·          Email (including webmail).


·          Intranet & Extranet features.


·          Backup of local resources and files.


·          Any of the other features found in our SharePoint demonstration sites (click here).



For further information and pricing please contact our office (click here).